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Earlier this year we changed our materials to more sustainable ones, and from now on only use environmentally friendly and recycled materials for your beloved YAKAMOZZ pieces! We also take every step possible to minimize our carbon footprint and act sustainable in each and every field of our business.


At YAKAMOZZ we are proud to announce that as of 2021 all pieces that we add into our collection or restock will be made of 100% recycled sterling silver! Recycled sterling silver is precious silver extracted from used metal products. Once the silver is separated from the other metals it was mixed with, it is melted down and reused to make new silver products. There is no quality difference between recycled and new sterling silver!


We are always striving for the most sustainable practices and one of our personal values as a brand (and personally amongst our team) is to not use any animal products - in the jewellery industry this means no real shells or pearls! It is extremely important to us, that no animal is harmed or bothered by the processes we invest in to create your jewellery pieces.

Nickel free: 

All products are 100% nickel free and therefore perfectly suitable for anyone with a nickel allergy.


We take absolute pride in our process, products and the people we work with. That’s why we are extremely proud to partner with
manufacturers who are also trying to be as sustainable as possible. As an ethical brand, we care about everyone and everything involved in the production process and therefore prioritise and value close relationships. All YAKA pieces are carefully handcrafted in small-scale, family-owned and ethically run factories. Since a few years now we've worked together with a factory in Bali as well as one in Italy. We insist on a safe working environment, including adequate wages, a healthy work-life balance and sufficient time off. We believe in a hands on approach and often personally visit our balinese factory! Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you don't miss out on one of our factory tours.


Packaging shouldn’t cost the earth! That’s why we are constantly searching for the most sustainable ways of packaging and shipping. Our goal in late 2019, for example, was to completely eliminate plastic from our supply chain which we achieved through our partnership with @thehempproject and their pouches. We use Hemp pouches instead of cotton which enables us to save 23L of fresh water with every pouch. The clear bags, which we use to send you your necklaces and earrings in, are often mistaken as plastic. We use these to seal the jewellery so that no oxygenisation occurs. These clear bags are actually made out of Corn & Potato starch and are 100% biodegradable! Our cards and boxes are also made out of recycled materials.
To cut down on shipping emissions, we bulk ship our orders to our warehouse in Germany where the majority of our customers live. This process means we can ensure ultimate efficiency and no unnecessary transport occurs. We’ve chosen DHL and GoGreen as our Shipping partners.


At YAKAMOZZ we do not support the fast fashion industry! We produce in small-scale to ensure no waste was created. This means that from time to time, some of our most-wanted pieces are sold out for a longer period unfortunately. But we’ve weighed this outcome against the possible waste that would be created across the whole supply chain if we were to consistently over-produce. We chose to put the planet first - and we are forever grateful to our YAKA-sisters for the support in our decisions for a healthier Mother Earth. To get notifications when your favourite pieces are back in stock - please sign up for our newsletter and we will inform you as SOON as the item is in our warehouse.
Part of our commitment to SLOW Fashion is to create less collections per year. Our focus is instead on creating higher quality pieces so that they last longer. Buy less, choose well, make it last!


YAKAMOZZ is not only committed to limiting our social and environmental impacts through our sourcing and supply chain, but also through investing into and supporting organisations and movements that work towards rejuvenating our planet.
We support and donate to these organisations very close to our hearts:

- Plastic Exchange

-The Ocean Clean Up